Container Sales

Container Delivery

Mr Container's trucks and custom delivery trailers can bring your new or used sea container to your farm, acreage or business. With three self unloading hydraulic tilt deck trailers (two for containers to 45' and one just for 20' units) unloading at your location is fast and easy.Note: Due to the length of the combined […]

New Containers

New Containers or what we call single trip units, are made in China, loaded with a commodity and shipped to North America.The freight forwarder books space on a container ship in TEU's (Twenty foot Equivalent Units). A 20' = 1 TEU and a 40' = 2 TEU's.  Once the container arrives it is unloaded from […]

Used Containers

There are two basic types of used containers, ones owned by the steamship lines and ones owned by leasing companies. Containers owned by the shiplines are usually kept in service for 8 - 14 years and have more denting and rust on them as they are in service longer than leased containers which are typically […]