Container Security

Lock Boxes

A heavy duty powder coated steel lock box is a great way to help prevent some thieving *%^$#@ from breaking into your container and absconding with your valued possessions.

They are easily installed with basic tools and come complete with template and all required hardware.

Mr. Container can install one on your container for a nominal charge.


Mr Container stocks two types of quality container locks to secure your unit.

A commercial grade disc lock is used secure the handles on your gear set.

Mr Container's disc lock has the following features:

  • Saw and cut resistant boron alloy shackle
  • 5 pin brass cylinder
  • rust resistant stainless steel
  • lifetime warranty

HD stainless block lock for high security applications

Mr Containers block lock has the following features:

  • 70 mm container block lock
  • brass/ stainless mechanism
  • spring loaded pin
  • anti drill spin plate/ pick poof
  • comes with 3 keys
  • keyed alike option ( great for double door containers)

Caution: Watch out for cheap block locks with long thin keys that can break off in the lock. Also if you loose key no place can cut new ones.